April 1, 2018:

This site now routes through CloudFlare.com CDN. See 10 Quick CloudFlare Benefits
  • HTTP/2 Protocol
  • SSL encrypted traffic
  • Image Optimization
  • Decreased Load Time & Improved Caching - Majority of content will be eventually be cached (crawled weekly) and served directly from Cloudfare's fast servers
  • Should my webserver go offline temporarily (ie reboot, power outage), some (just static) webpages can still be viewed through Cloudflare and it's cached content
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  • DoS and DDoS protection

    July 11, 2017:

    Greetings Egyptians,

    First, I'd like to apologize for the site being down the past couple of months.

    I've enjoyed hosting the site and supporting the game on a fast server at GoDaddy.com the past several years.
    Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow this luxury anymore.

    I do still have the means to keep the site running, but on a very limited scale.
    I'm going "old school" and having the site run off my home PC which is connected to broadband.
    My upload speed (how fast you can download from me) is 6.0 Mbps so it should be sufficient.

    My site requires a Windows Server (IIS) and the good thing is that all copies of Windows have a personal edition of IIS.
    The down side is that personal IIS only allows 10-20 concurrent connections to the site. I believe it's 20, but it might be 10.

    Concurrent connections are how many people can access the website at the exact same moment in time. I'm assuming this will be better than nothing.

    While my PC never shuts down, there are always times it will need rebooted for windows updates; subject to power failures during storms, I forgot to pay bill, etc etc.

    What all of this means, is the site is up, but beware there might be times it's temporarily not accessbile, so just check back or refresh your page if it times out.


    Mike (Cegaiel)